Exchange programs



Each year, ECV schools host foreign students, either as part of bilateral exchanges (Erasmus or other), or enrolled directly in the ECV program. Foreign students account for 10% of the student body.

Courses are given in French, even if the majority of students and professors speak English. However a good knowledge of French is required to study at ECV. Enrolment is done through the international office in Paris.

Registration at the International Office, through this adress:



Student exchanges take place on a semester basis through Erasmus European exchanges or bilateral agreements. ECV applies the ECTS* to certify the courses studied abroad.

 *ECTS, European Credits Transfer System Through the ECTS, academic recognition is given to students wishing to study for a period abroad. In such a way, all students have the option of earning credits at another school or university in Europe and having them approved by their home school. 30 credits are approved per semester. 300 credits are required for approval of the Master year.

Foreign students:

To study at ECV, foreign students must go through the head of the international department of their school, who will contact ECV.


International office :

Contact : Sébastien Binder.

Mail :

Address : ECV-Ecole de Communication Visuelle,

1 rue du Dahomey, 75011 Paris,