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This master’s degree is intended for students who have validated a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture or an equivalent degree in case of direct admission to higher education.

The Master’s degree in interior design and scenography teaches students how to effectively carry out different spatial design projects by studying programming, design, and communication. Mastering visual art techniques and computer-aided design tools, like light, sound design, virtual reality, and smart design solutions, will help students perform their job with a multidisciplinary approach.

Projects are user-driven and the challenges related to sustainable design ensure each project is innovative, modern, and socially responsible.

Teamwork and project mode, as well as semester in an international partner school and new internships during the fourth year, prepare students to their professional integration.

  • Scenography
  • Interior design
  • Sustainable design
  • Sound & light design
  • Modelling 3-D
  • Marketing & strategy
  • Semiology of space