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The Game bachelor’s degree teaches students the fundamentals of video game design, such as character design, concept art, 3D modelling, and screenwriting. These skills will enable students to fully understand three major aspects of game design: visual development, storytelling, and technical mastery of software programs. The importance of drawing and 2D design in this course will allow students to master the artistic skills needed for creating characters, environments, and scenery. The 3D aspect of the course is more technical and will address concepts such as modelling, animation, and mapping for working with real-time rendering engines.

Intended primarily for atmosphere, concept art helps the game designer to design his game project. He defines the graphic universe of video games.

Modeling is used to create backgrounds, vehicles, characters, etc. Once this technique has been acquired, students can transform their creations into 2D and 3D. Softwares: 3DS Max, Maya, ZBrush.

The objective of this course is to acquire the skills necessary for setting a character or object in motion. Based on the modeling of shapes, students bring their creation to life. Softwares: 3DS Max, Maya, Motion Builder.

On a console, PC or smartphone, games require a real time engine to operate. It is essential for students to master the different engines. This subject includes studying gameplay, level design and graphics throughout the year.

Character design consists of creating and designing a character, while mastering the 3D pipeline and the technical limits of the game format. Beyond the physical design of the characters, the character designer must also assure that the graphic and narrative are coherent.

Scenography is the art of staging in which lighting plays a key role. The effect of light on textures and backgrounds will set the scene’s realism, tone and style. Softwares: 3DS Max, Maya.

From retro gaming to contemporary video games, it is important for students to master the story of the game, so that they can better inspire themselves. Case study, societal analysis and decryption are on the agenda of this fundamental course.

This course addresses the artistic and creative part of game design. It allows students to become familiar with the various components of the video game creation chain (programming, sound composition, production), as well as to understand all the issues related to this booming sector.

At the end of the Bachelor’s programme, each student must create a cutscene for their game. This project requires a solid artistic and technical foundation and is the last step before progressing to the Master’s programme. This allows students to practice an entire 3D workflow.