Welcome to the ECV creative community !

Since 1984, our ambition has been to turn our students’ creativity into a source of professional success. Sharing, exchanges and meetings with professionals ant the professional world are the keys to success. ECV immerses its students in a community of creative talents, to help them thrive, within the school but also once the enter the professional world.

Over the years, our experiences, our independence and our initiatives have allowed us to developp the largest network of creative professionals in France, and to offer the best opportunities to our students by giving them access to that network. ECV students share more than just a school: they share a mindset and belong to a community.


ECV is above all an ambition shared by all those who are committed to successfully train the students to the industries of creation and visual communication. The qualities of a school are assessed through what its young graduates become. They are also assessed through the acknowledgement of the diploma obtained, the degree given by ECV being recognised as a level 1 certification by the French National Registry of Professional Certifications. ECV gives its students a wide approach to creation, as well as a borderless training. Today, a professional career has to be built on an international scale.”

Patrick Hermand, Founding president of ECV