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Each year, thanks to the Erasmus exchange programme and bilateral agreements that we have signed with institutions around the world, we are able to welcome and send students for a semester or a year in our partner schools. If you are interested in our exchange programme, you will need to apply.

Our exchange programme is open to students from ECV partner institutions. You must contact your institution’s international office and ask for the possibility of agreements between the institutions, so that we can consider your application. For more information, please see the information guide about  international exchanges.

You can apply during one of two times :

  • Deadline for first semester: 1st June
  • Deadline for second semester: 1st November

Any student who wants to join ECV must submit their completed and signed application file to the International Office.

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, also known as ECTS credit system, is a system to measure learning so that you can easily show what you’ve learned and what your skills are. The credit value is established according to student workload and learning outcomes. In other words, credits reflect the amount of work you’ve done in order to learn the contents and achieve the goals of your study programme.

1 ECTS credit generally equals 25 to 30 hours ( Course + homework) . So, for example, if you’ve taken a course that has 6 ECTS credits, it means that you’ve worked from 150 to 180 hours to complete that course. Thanks to these numerical references, it’s easier for students to show what they already know when applying to study abroad programme or another degree at a different institution, or when applying for a job.

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