The increasingly digital-centric economy we live in is causing France’s socio-economic landscape to be in a constant state of flux. According to different studies and reports, one of the consequences of these changes will be a shortage of qualified workers in the digital sector in as soon as 2020, and experts predict that 191,000 new jobs will be created by 2022.

The ubiquity of digital technology

The ECV Digital school guides its students in their choices to ensure that they find a field in the digital sector that they are passionate about and can help develop. Today, all businesses, whether big or small, are embracing the digital transformation that society is experiencing. Students graduating with a degree from ECV Digital will have the necessary skills to work at any type of company—big or small—and in any sector. What is great about the digital sector is that all types of expertise are needed: project managers, artists, technicians, marketing experts, etc. It is an inclusive, comprehensive ecosystem where all types of skills and careers can coexist.

The frenetic pace of the digital era

The ECV Digital school encourages students to be inquisitive and helps develops their analytical skills to teach and train them how to adapt to this ever-changing sector that never sleeps. In the digital world, nothing is static and everything is constantly evolving. New innovations appear in this sector at such a fast pace that the people working in this industry must be aware of these changes at all times in order to remain at the forefront and avoid becoming old-fashioned or even obsolete. Knowing how to adapt to changes and learning new skills is an essential quality that anyone working in the digital sector must have.


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