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The work-study contract master programmes require students to work 4 days of the week and study 1 day a week at ECV Digital. Specialists run the workshops and classes that are spread out over 56 days from September to June, and include a 4-week long intensive period.


Students are assessed continuously throughout the year. They are graded on their written tests, individual or group projects, presentations in front of an exam board, etc. The final assessment is the viva voce exam (Le grand jury) where the student presents to the exam board their structured argument on a specific theme relating to their specialisation.

Work-study contract

To help students prepare for the professional world, these master programmes are available as a work-study contract, either with a professional training contract or an internship contract.

Our Courses

The first year of this programme will help you develop the basic skills required to take one of ECV’s specialised master programmes: web development, web design, UX design, UX/UI Design, web marketing, digital strategy & communication and E-marketing & E-commerce.

This first year can be taken as a work- study contract via a professional training contract. All work-study contract applications for this 3rd year level will be reviewed by ECV’s academic staff, who will take into account the following admission criteria: professional experience, desired major in 4th year, and the quality of the studients career plan.

Campuses : Paris, Bordeaux, Aix-en-Provence, Nantes, Lille

Companies today understand that to establish a relationship between a brand and a user, they must have a web site or mobile application. To design their digital environment, they need creative and innovative ways of communicating their message.

In the digital sector, creative professionals must be versatile in order to draw their inspiration from technology, ergonomics, graphic design, marketing methods, etc.

Campuses : Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes

User experience design covers all the interactive aspects between the user and the touchpoints of a business (products, services, interfaces). UX designers take the user’s point of view into account when designing a web site, application, software program, etc. They work on the functional aspects of a product or service and how it affects the user emotionally.

The work of UX designers covers a broad scope and includes components like information architecture, appearance, sounds, and interface behaviour.

Campuses : Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes

To become a developer, you need to master the art of design and computer programming. Web developers are responsible for all features of a web site or mobile application. They analyse the needs for a web site or application, choose the technical solution required to meet these needs, and then develop all the technical features for the web site or application. They also take part in training customers and offer tech support.

Campuses : Paris – Bordeaux – Aix-en-Provence – Nantes – Lille

The digital world is the true Eldorado for companies today, but it is so vast that they need specialists to help them shape their ideas and establish a strong online presence on these new digital platforms. E-commerce is an area that many companies have yet to establish themselves in; however, if you want to succeed today you must have an online presence to increase company growth. Web marketing implements the fundamentals of marketing and communications by adjusting these classic methods and applying them to the digital sector. The innovation of new technologies allows us to share our inventive ideas while demonstrating that initiative is key.

Campuses : Bordeaux – Aix-en-Provence – Nantes – Lille

Develop your expertise of digital tools to generate added value! This programme focuses on web marketing strategies and the customer experience. Students are trained to become digital marketing specialists with a focus on company growth strategies. In addition to business development, this master programme focuses on the practice and use of technical data tools to ensure that students become experts who are capable of creating innovative and viable systems.

Campus : Paris

The Digital strategy & communication master programme trains you to become an expert in the digital positioning of a company, brand, product, or service. This expertise requires extensive knowledge of the user and consumer and is an essential component for any business that wants to run a successful communication campaign. In addition to global strategies, this master programme focuses on brand content strategies to help students become professionals capable of creating effective marketing content.

Campus : Paris

This specialization trains User experience (UX) designers and Interfaces (UI) designers. From conception to creation. First of all by allowing them to understand and analyze the user in his path and his needs, then to acquire the different methodologies related to the practice of the designs and finally allowing them to make a demanding and innovative creative personality their own.

Campuses : Aix-en-Provence, Lille

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