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Yas Inukai


« What’s innovative today will be the norm tomorrow in the rapid digital obsolescence cycle of now. So what should we designers do to thrive? Should we continue to chase the newest and the coolest? Or should we take risks to create new trends?

I believe the key to an enduring career is to understand that lasting and beloved design always carries a universal essence beyond time and space. When I attended ECV 20+ years ago, assignments on the web were non-existent. Thankfully, my design career adapted readily into the digital arena because ECV taught me how we humans process information visually and how beauty moves us.

Because the idea of digital disruption is so normal to the young digital-native generation of today, they don’t care about how a traditional business used to run. However, as a designer from the digital-immigrant generation, I still struggle every day to create digital experiences that match the level of services only humans can provide. That’s why I feel privileged to share my learnings with future designers to help them remain relevant and in demand for many years to come. »

Yas Inukai   |   Director - Disney Parks, Experiences & Products